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		                                    KOLLEL OHR YOSEF <br/> Thornhill Community Kollel<br/><br/>		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">Kollel Ohr Yosef is committed to furthering the spiritual growth of the Thornhill Community. The Kollel was established with the goal of serving the community as a venue for Torah study and Torah scholarship, at all levels. Kollel Ohr Yosef enhances our community with a thriving beis medrash, inspiring lectures, and a multitude of programs thoughtfully designed for all ages.  

Help make our new building into a reality. To build a Makom Torah that anchors our community, a place where Torah resonates.<br/><br/><br/></span>
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Tue, April 16 2024 8 Nisan 5784